About Anthony

Anthony Clavien is a father, husband, and successful entrepreneur in the UK. He is passionate about, travel & cultures, health & wellness, natural detoxification, charity & entrepreneurship, and more.

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In addition, Clavien brings a new outlook into detox industry, offering solutions for optimum liver health, and overall wellness. Anthony Clavien has crafted user-friendly products, services, and platforms for Eastern and Western medicine to coincide in ways that his predecessors would have considered too ambitious or overly idealistic, yet here they are, coming to the fore with his latest venture, Equilibrium Labs.

Anthony Clavien is an incubator company pro, a venture capitalist, and a true businessman with almost 20 years of experience in company development from brand identity to marketing, grassroots efforts, and more.

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Anthony Clavien works in the world of nutritional development and creates revolutionary products, specifically in the detoxification and cleansing market.

To create these products, he uses the expertise from health experts and the findings through his research during his travels around the world.

He uses Western medicine & technologies combined with naturopathy, herbology Eastern & Ayurvedic medicine.

A well-known product of Anthony is de-liver-ance, which is an antioxidant elixir. NutraCleanse is another noteworthy product, available worldwide, which has a highly honed focus on hepatology and liver cleansing.

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