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This Global Economics and Politics Blog is brought to you by entrepreneur and international traveler, Anthony Clavien. Serving as the hub of all online international news sources, this blog provides the latest news and controversy in international relations in the ever-changing spectrum of global politics and economics. As this blog focuses on human interactions on a global scale, readers can enjoy reviews of the best and worst in world-wide dining and recreational locations.  With breaking news and commentary, readers of this blog can expect only the most newsworthy and enticing feature stories.

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In addition, Clavien brings a new outlook into detox industry, offering solutions for optimum liver health, and overall wellness. Anthony Clavien has crafted user-friendly products, services, and platforms for Eastern and Western medicine to coincide in ways that his predecessors would have considered too ambitious or overly idealistic, yet here they are, coming to the fore with his latest venture, Equilibrium Labs.

Anthony Clavien is an incubator company pro, a venture capitalist, and a true businessman with almost 20 years of experience in company development from brand identity to marketing, grassroots efforts, and more.

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As the world faces financial challenges, multinational corporations and national leaders desperately seek for solutions to the increasing debt.  Readers are encouraged to bookmark anthonyclavien.net and return with their own thoughts and solutions to these global tribulations. From investigating news over each corner of the internet, this blog compiles the most news worthy and timely articles of current global events; readers can be assured that they have found the ultimate news source. Readers will enjoy commentary and credible updates covering stories of the struggles in government of many nations and the uncertainties in today’s global economy.

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